Live better.

Train practically.

Fads change.  What works doesn't.  Since 2006, we've help people in all walks of life to become stronger and better conditioned, better prepared for their jobs and better prepared to live well.  


Since 2006, FF has been helping folks get stronger and fitter in preparation for a variety of goals, but especially goals in the military, police, fire and rescue.  

"Thank you Fatal Fitness.  I just graduated the TACP schoolhouse.  The exercises I took from this definitely helped."


" I like the program, I like the plan. I am stronger, I am faster, and I endure, more than ever before. You need to be ready, you have to do the actual work...  So far, the Fatal Fitness programs have done a great job of getting actually ready, to hammer some real world challenges. Ask yourself..If you were given three days notice, could you complete a 12 mile ruck, in sand, at 100 degrees, with a 55lbs ruck on...and another 35lbs of rifle, scopes, binos, and books on top of your ruck....with no sleep. Some of it's just heart and soul, the other part is having put in the time, every day, in a system that actually gets ALL of you ready."