About Us


What is Fatal Fitness?
FF is a physical training group.  We help people from all walks of life to train for all kinds of goals, catering mainly to those serving in or training for Military, Law Enforcement and Fire & Rescue fields.  

Our Motto

Our motto is Simplicity and Hard Work (occasionally you'll see it thrown around in Latin as "simplicitas et labore".  That's how we train, and that's how we live.  


Fatal Fitness was started in 2006 as a small, unheard of website by an Air Force TACP named Dan.  Later, he was joined by Mike, (who is a fireman and runs Fatal Fitness today).  It was just a couple people trying to do things differently.  The site grew and evolved.  People came and went, some methods got tossed in the trash.  Our evolution became three steps:

  1. Simplify.
  2. Perfect.
  3. Repeat.

Today FF remains popular with the TACP community because of our founder, but also has helped thousands of people in the military or entering into military, law enforcement, Fire & Rescue and other jobs.  We've helped people lose weight.  We've helped them get stronger.  We've trained guys at home and overseas.  We've had athletes anywhere from Afghanistan to Antarctica.  

What We Are

  1. Coaches.  We plan, program and periodize workouts for trainees with a variety of goals, from weight loss to elite unit selections.
  2. Diverse.  We have multiple training "tracks" for different goals.  See the Membership page for a list.
  3. Athletes.  Our Cadre are not just personal trainers; we are athletes.  We are involved in the career fields we train for.  
  4. Community.  The best encouragement we can provide each other is each other.  

What We Are NOT

  1. CrossFit.  Crossfit has brought many good things to the fitness world.  And some bad things.  We do things differently.
  2. A place.  Our people train around the world, wherever they are.
  3. A fad.  We use what works, and we leave behind the rest.

Why Join Fatal Fitness?

If you use our programming, work hard and consistently, you will succeed.  The part of the formula we provide is the direction.  One of the single biggest causes of failure is inconsistency.  People who "program hop" never go anywhere.  People who do too much all at once hurt themselves and can't keep training.  What is needed is consistent direction.  A person who trains as directed by a coach, consistently and over a long period of time, will have exponentially greater success than someone who "goes it alone".