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Plastic Gymnastic Rings - Premium Heavy Duty Cross Training, Gymnastics, Fitness, Exercise Rings (Black)

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Brand: Garage Fit

Color: Black


  • - ULTIMATE VALUE FOR MONEY: Our plastic gymnastics rings are the cheapest tool in the world for helping you build your dream body. They're cheaper than the price of a 1 month membership at some gyms.
  • - PERFORM ANY EXERCISE: The very long and adjustable pair of 15 foot straps with high quality buckles let you perform push-ups, iron cross, dips, pull-ups, and more on your plastic gym rings (2 - 9" O.D. Rings 1.11" diameter).
  • - DON'T WORRY ABOUT SLIPPING: These gym rings are made from textured ABS plastic to stop your hands from slipping. They'll work well even if you're dripping in sweat.
  • - YOU'RE NOT A GYMNAST: The gym rings CrossFit athletes and ordinary people can use even if they have no interest in competitive gymnastics. They're still the best tool for basic body weight strength.
  • - YOU WON'T INJURE YOURSELF: The plastic gymnastic rings can handle 550 pounds of external load, so they'll never break when you're hanging upside down or in other dangerous positions. Click 'Add to Cart' now!

Publisher: Garage Fit


Take your plastic gym rings anywhere!

Garage Fit's plastic gym rings are the greatest tool ever invented because you can take them anywhere. They're a lot lighter
than metal exercise rings. You can use them outside in the rain unlike wooden fitness rings. Each gymnastic
ring is also very light, so you can throw them in your bag to travel the world or hit the local park. Each gymnast
ring is also fully adjustable thanks to the long 15 foot straps, and they can be hung from anywhere.

Each gymnastic ring is comprised of a textures ABS plastic, so your hands won't slip when you grip onto them.
The plastic gymnastic rings are also 1.11-inches in diameter, so they're the perfect size for anyone to hold onto.
Have we mentioned they can handle 550 pounds of load yet? When you combine all of these features together,
it means your plastic gym rings can be used for any exercise from the most basic to the absolute extreme.

You'll fall in love with your plastic exercise rings because:

- The gym rings are textured to make them easy to grip.

- They are extremely strong, and can handle so much load any exercise can be performed.

- They are specially designed for added stability.

- Plastic gymnastics rings are so light you can take them anywhere.

- They're the cheapest gymnast rings in the world.

Plastic gymnastic rings are the ultimate tool because you can use them indoors or outdoors, and they're the
only ones you can throw in your bag and carry around for years. Click 'Add to Cart' now!

FIG spec for comfortable grip
- Straps and buckles included - Assembles in seconds
- Diameter: 9"
- Inside diameter: 6.85"
- Ring thickness: 1.11"
- Strap length: 15ft
- Strap Width: 1.5"
- Weight: 4 lbs
- Capacity: 440 lb

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