Mike has been involved with FF since 2007.  He is a paramedic and firefighter, and mostly runs the show around here.  

Assistant Coaches


Dan founded FF back in 2006.  He is a former USAF TACP, and is now an entrepreneur.



I am a Security Forces member in the United States Air Force.  I have been an active duty member for 15 years working as a Phoenix Raven, Military Working Dog handler/Trainer/Kennel Master.  I have done multiple tours during OEF/OIF landing me in Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other locations around the globe.  I began Fatal Fitness back in 2010; however found out about it in 2009.  Fatal Fitness is the core of my fitness regime as it relates to the functionality of what I do.  Through these workouts coupled with my own program I have been able to obtain 100% on the AF Fitness test as well as 300points on the Army fitness test.  It has also helped me pass the pre-ranger fitness assessment test with zero trouble.  Fitness has and will always be a part of my life as well as most people in or looking to join the military.  I believe through hard work and dedication you will be able to meet and exceed those standards in front of you.  Two years ago through fatal fitness and my own pull-up regimen I was able to (unofficially) break the world record for the most pull-ups in a minute.  10 short minutes later I also (unofficially) broke the record for the fastest 1 mile fireman’s carry.  I say unofficial because both have been broken recently and I am in pursuit to gain those back.  



Seth is our resident Endurance Guy, a firefighter, and also happens to be our vegetarian.  He's got just a bit of experience under his belt:

-Bachelors in Fitness and Exercise Science
-Interactive Fitness Trainers of America (IFTA) 
-3 Sprint Triathlons
-5 Century Bike race
-11 Marathons 
-1 50k Ultra Marathon
-5 50 mile Ultra Marathons